This week marks the end of the school year for California Coast Bible College, where I teach Intro to Bible Study. I wrote this letter to them to celebrate all we had accomplished together. These words apply to everyone who persistently dives into God’s word, even when it is stretching. Perhaps especially when it is stretching. I share this with you, so that our hearts might be stirred to keep falling more in love with God and God’s heart as we see in Scripture. As the weather turns warm and schedules shift with the close of the school year, Women Disciples will be discussing tips and habits for Bible study practices, and then we’ll choose a short New Testament book to read together and share what we’re learning. I can’t wait for this journey!



To my students,

We made it! The end of this year did not turn out how I envisioned—how could any of us anticipate COVID19?—but I am so pleased with how well you adjusted to going from in person classes to online classes. Thank you pressing in, even when it would be so convenient to not. Your effort demonstrates your character and your dedication to studying God’s word. Well done!

There are many things I had hoped for you this year. As I dreamed and prepared for our class, I hoped that we would walk away from our time together with a profound love and deep respect for God’s word. That we would find truth and life in God’s love and salvation plan for the world. That we would persistently partner with God in our transformation process to think, love, and act more like our Creator. May this be so of you. May this be so of me.

In all of this, may we continue to worship God with our minds by doing the diligent work of studying and understanding the Bible. As we formulate theological principles that are grounded in the Bible and put our applications into action, I pray that we will be like that tree in Psalm 1, so rooted in truth that we yield fruit in our due season, abundantly thriving while finding joy in the Bible. Let’s continue to read and reread and reread again, allowing God’s word to wash over us and shape us, so that when people see us, they see Christ.

As the school year breaks for the summer, continue the race you started this year. You have the tools to run hard and run far. Make the most of this time, so you will regret nothing. And know that I am forever cheering for you in the process.

On your team always,

Jenn Chen


MOVEMENT STEP. Prayerfully consider joining me and the Women Disciples community as we dig into Scripture together. Look at your weekly commitments and see if you can block out an hour a week. We’ll start looking at Bible study basics next week and then read a book together this summer.

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